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It works! Pure & Natural deodorant.

Absolutely Natural

Delicate ingredients. Kick-ass protection.

Tough on Sweat

Add Dom’s Deodorant. Press Play.

Pure Goodness

Handcrafted with integrity using only ingredients nature provides.

Life is a Journey.

Take us with you  on your way to wellness.

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Change the way you do freshness! 

Dom’s Deodorant is handcrafted on Canada’s beautiful west coast, on Saltspring Island, BC

Finally a natural, chemical-free deodorant that really works!
Keeps you fresh while being kind to your body and the Earth. Choose from Lavendar Rosemary, Lemongrass Cedar & Teatree,  Lemon Citrus and Unscented Natural. Each 70 g jar is a 3-6 month supply of freshness in a jar!

100% Natural Ingredients

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Whatever you put on, your skin will drink it up.  DOM’S DEODORANT uses 100% natural and pure ingredients that really work to inhibit the bacteria that cause odour, allowing you to stay remarkably fresh while being kind to your body.

Feed your skin some goodness with Dom’s all-natural, chemical-free protection.

We are so excited to share this healthy yet uber effective deodorant with you.
Every batch is handcrafted with loving integrity in the rainforest on Salt Spring Island.

My Story

Already a West Coast girl, I moved to Salt Spring Island in 1998 with my husband, knowing it would be the perfect community in which to raise a family. This beautiful emerald island nurtured my love of nature and a pull toward a more wholesome way of life. As we expanded our family, my interest in holistic living grew and I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with friends and family. A major health crisis a few years later prompted me to be more aware of not only what I put IN my body but also what I put ON it.


Dominica Sweet



We’re Compassionate

Dom’s Deodorant is chemical-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

We’re Environmental

Ingredients are ethically sourced & sustainable. Recyclable glass jars.

We’re Effective

We use only simple effective ingredients that really work to eliminate odour all day long.









Don’t just take our word for it…

“I am so impressed! Bought some over the weekend and have been using all week, including during work outs! I’ve been converted!”

-Andrea Carlson


As Seen In…

Our Earth Cred

At Dom's Deodorant we believe that a product can’t be healthy unless the materials and processes that go into that product are good for the health of the Earth. That’s why we would never test our products on animals or use any animal products — not even beeswax — in...

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As Seen in… the Georgia Straight

The same pit-stick substances that you rely on to bust body odour may also be toxic ingredients that really stink. Fortunately, more eco versions are available.

Take a look at the ingredient list printed on your deodorant or antiperspirant.

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We are so excited to have been featured in the Beauty Bible!  VOGUE UK did a feature on natural beauty and searched the world for products that had a cruelty-free, all-natural cachet. We were delighted that they found us, and wrote about us in their September 2015...

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