Rave reviews for Dom’s Deodorant

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“Awesome product Dom! There are so many natural deodorants on the market that do not work – but this one WORKS GREAT! Hands down! Great scents (or not) and great consistency in a perfect size jar!”
-Carolyn Kurtz

“Great natural product! Fabulous for workouts and my pole walks which have me dripping w perspiration. You need only a tiny bit and you’re covered!! Need to know where we can buy more!!”
-Michelle de Roy-Weidema

“Love it! I ordered and received it the next day! I’ve been looking for a natural deodorant without harsh chemicals that can hold up to my sweaty-ness lol and this is great! Smells good too :)”

“Am so impressed! Bought some over the weekend and have been using all week, including during work outs! I’ve been converted!”
-Andrea Carlson

“It’s a MIRACLE!! This actually works!!I haven’t ever found anything that works for me, until now!!!! THANK YOU!!!!”
-Tonya Zeumer

“Great customer service and amazing product!! I can’t wait to start selling it at my studio!”
-Lisa Simchison

“My daughter got me started using it and l love it works awesome and it 100 % natural”
-Deb Okrainetz

“Just wonderful! 🙂 Astonishing product. Highly recommended.”
-Avery La Rochelle

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