At Dom’s Deodorant we believe that a product can’t be healthy unless the materials and processes that go into that product are good for the health of the Earth. That’s why we would never test our products on animals or use any animal products — not even beeswax — in our Deodorant. We go to great lengths to ensure we buy the very finest, ethical and fairly traded ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

  • baking soda is mined from a naturally occurring sodium bicarbonate deposit in the mountains of Colorado. Unlike with regular brands, no harmful chemicals are used to mine or process our baking soda. The entire process  is non-toxic from the source to your skin.
  •  glass jar: recyclable, renewable, and keeps the product for years. In a glass jar Doms will keep for years and the container will not break down.
  •  vegan. no beeswax or artificial stabilizers make this the purest, plant and mineral based deodorant you can buy.
  •  the essential oils we use are certified organic. sourced from a fair trade company committed to sustainable harvesting of these fine ingredients.
  •  all our orders are shipped with recycled packaging. Buy at Vancouver’s The Soap Dispensary and they will refill your jar by weight at a reduced cost to you!