Already a West Coast girl, I moved to Salt Spring Island in 1998 with my husband, knowing it would be the perfect community in which to raise a family. This beautiful emerald island nurtured my love of nature and a pull toward a more wholesome way of life. As we expanded our family, my interest in holistic living grew and I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with friends and family. A major health crisis a few years later prompted me to be more aware of not only what I put IN my body but also what I put ON it.

Your skin IS your body’s largest organ and it is susceptible to the penetration and absorption of what is applied to it.  So, as part of a personal committment to a more holistic lifestyle, I consciously began to choose personal care items that contained simple, natural ingredients that my skin ‘understood’.

familypicWhen it came to deodorant, I must have tried nearly every ‘natural’ product on the market but none really seemed to work well for me.  So, I began to experiment with blends of simple yet effective, natural ingredients that I could feel good about using on my body…and Dom’s Deodorant was born!  It absorbs moisture, inhibits bacteria (which causes odour) and ensures a long lasting and amazingly effective ‘fresh factor’ all without the use of harmful chemicals, petroleum, and aluminum compounds found in commercial antiperspirants.

Dom’s Deodorant is really just an expression of my desire to help people make a positive shift toward better health and wellbeing.