Commercial deodorants and antiperspirants contain harmful chemical stabilizers and/or waxes that create false consistency and temperature stability.  DOM’S is committed to using only Pure and Natural ingredients that work to keep you fresh without compromising your health.

We use Organic, Cold-pressed, Virgin Coconut Oil as our base.  Not only is it antimicrobial but it absorbs easily and moisturizes without clogging your sweat glands.  As it has a relatively low melting temp of 24 deg C, it can soften or even melt when in a warm environment such as your gym bag in your car or on a window ledge on a sunny day.  NOT TO WORRY, IT IS STILL 100% EFFECTIVE…just give it a stir and apply to your underarm area.   It will re-solidify once back at room temp.  Or, you can place it in your fridge for 15 min.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO STIR IT AS IT SOLIDIFIES to redistribute the baking soda and arrowroot powder for maximum effectiveness.  If it has resolidified before remixing, simply set the jar in warm water or in a sunny/warm spot until it softens enough to stir.  Then it’s good to go!